Wednesday, 23 November 2011

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What is better than living a useful and eventful life? The answer is, “everyday experience shows that a living person is either famous or notorious. When he dies nothing remains of him but his work.” Good reputation can never be earned by living an anti-social and inactive life, but you reputed either for gallantry in war or being a genius in certain fields.
It is not the number of years that one spends in one’s life that matters, but what one achieves. Life is not measured by the number of years spent but by the achievements made. Methuselah lived for over nine hundred years and he achieve nothing except that he begat somebody. Jesus Christ lived for only thirty-three years and rocked the whole world by his teachings and kindness to humanity. This is evidenced by Kinsley’s words which run thus “better to die in the flower of youths, on the chance of winning a noble name than live at ease like the sheep and died unloved and unrenowned.” Little beginnings lead to great ends. Please, start from now to aim high. If you are working assiduously, never shirking your duty, you are sure to achieve your aims. Always remember that “Rome was not built in a day”; Shakespeare did not all of a sudden rise to prominence. He started working doggedly and his name remains in decibel in the history of the world’s greatest men.
There is enough truth in Shakespeare, his word which run thus, “evils that men do live after them.” This clearly shows that whatever you do either good or bad, it would be said of after death. Let everyone of us try to do things that would not incur us bad reputation in the future. A good example of an African who aimed for himself a good reputation is Mr. Kwegyri J.K. Aggrey, a Ghanaian. He because of his love for Africa and by proving to be proud of his black colour had a title of “AGGREY OF AFRICA” conferred on him.
Live for good names so that after death good deeds would be encrypting on our graves.
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