Saturday, 26 November 2011


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                                                                   LIFE: PEACEFUL LIVING
 As human beings, it is extremely difficult to be normal and sane all the time. Everyone has his moment of “temporary madness.” Indeed almost everyone has within him a wild beast that needs to be controlled.
That is why once in a while, without any justifiable reason, we become moody, aggressive, violent and irritant. Have you not seen some people who, in self induced annoyance, would drive their own cars furiously and madly as if they wanted to commit suicide? Some will bang the table, door or car as if they are at war with everybody.
Anytime you observe that someone is exhibiting trace of temporary madness, it is better you clear yourself away from him until he regain his senses and becomes sober. In the alternative, you must learn to pet him and cool him down. It is not a period of further provocation from another person.
The ability to detect in others their moment of madness and calmly respond in the situation is the secret of peaceful co-existence in the home, office, neighborhood, clubs and church societies. Sometimes we find it difficult to control our temper and live at peace with others because daily, we are faced with series of pressures and crises.
Unless one is mature and disciplined, how can one be cherry and smiling when human needs remain scarce and not at variety.  Africans live under the siege of fear and tension due to lack of health care, problem of education, fear of shelter, housing problem and fear of security from armed robbers, assassins, fraudsters and kidnappers. Other parts of the world are better skipped than mention.
Most people are tensed up and boiling over. Some have the ability to be resilence and capacity to be suffering and smiling. However, this should not be taking for granted. There is a limit to what degree of tension an individual or group can absorb. Beyond the tolerable level, the humble might burst and the dove might be turned into a hawk by circumstances.
All over the place, people are becoming generally irritated, overexcited, petulant, impatient and daring. Individuals should take caution and seek the welfare of the generality of the people by being fair, honest and considerate to all.
We find it difficult to control our temper and live wicked people (who are bound everywhere) continue to preach war when you preach love and peace. We should show love, kindness and mercy to lonely people. This is the essence of fellowship and peaceful living. After analyzing people who are epitome of love and peace, the following virtues were assembled.
· Appreciate the good in others
· Do not form the habits of finding faults in others
· Never believe in hear-says from gossips and blackmailers
· Do not poke nose into other people affairs. You may be dragged into a quarrel
· Think no evil against anybody, even to those who oppress, cheat or exploit you.
· Be righteous, humble, and honest as much as is humanly possible
· Put yourself in the positions of other people. If you do not want to be cheated, do not cheat
· Control your temper. Silence, sometimes is not only golden, but many times, the best answer for a fool
· Do not harbor grudge, or wickedness against anybody
· Always resolve all conflicts through dialogue; and
· Life is give and take; you cannot have it your own way all the time. Learn to compromise.

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