Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Religion in Africa
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One has live to understand life and know the real tradition of one’s ancestors. Yorubas traditional culture differs from other foreign religions such as Christianity and Islam. This foreign religions believe and branded Yorubas culture as satanic and fetish tradition.
In fact, Yoruba traditional religion has no uniformity of worship because they have many divine gods and each god has its own peculiar character. Some of these gods statue are placed in the boundary of the town or in houses and many on streets. Even a human being who has performed many miracles before is kept in the room and is worshipped as deity. They really had the belief that these gods have more powers than the beings. Some of these gods are offered sacrifices such as goats, palm wine, red palm oil, cola nut, some with roasted yams and some even with human beings, all according to the disparity in the methods of worship by their devotees.
The gods serve as a mediator between the humans and the Supreme Being, according to the indigenous believe of the Yorubas. They serve the will of Olodumare in the creation and in the government of the world, according to what “IFA” ordered. 
In the ancient days in Africa, especially in Yoruba land, many miracles were performed with the knowledge Olodumare gave human beings. Before the Yorubas will go for any war, many sacrifices would be make to make sure they would win under the judgment of “EJI OGBE” who was the father of “IFA”. Many charms would be giving to the soldiers so that on getting there whenever they were shot the bullet won’t have any effect on them nor would it harm them, another head would grow to replace a head cut by the enemy.
More so, many sacrifices were made to these gods to bring peace to town and there will be peace. Ordinary word of the mouth prevented many evil happenings.
Yorubas also believe in life after death, i.e. they believe that if anyone died, he/she will soon come back to the world and he will be reborn in the formal family by his own son or daughter. Traditional religion plays important role in the life of the Yorubas, and with little reservation I say the same situation operates around all over the world.

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